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First Lessons
in the



Leading Homoeopathic Remedies


H. R. Arndt, M. D.

Boericke and Tafel.


The little volume now presented to a long-suffering profession is merely a collection of symptoms, pathogenic and clinical, with which a student should become familiar by recitations in the class room before he enters seriouslyupon the study of the homeopathic materia medica. The perfect memorizing of these symptoms should constitute the materia medica work of the freshman year; this accomplished, the sophomore will enter upon more advanced study prepared to assimilate the better and to classify the more correctly additional and more important facts presented to him in the lecture room. By carrying this plan into thethird and fourth year of the course - reiterating, adding, enlarging, explaining - the young graduate, thus instructed, will be better qualified for the selection of the indicated remedy than is the average graduate of to-day.

The brief outline, at the top of each remedy, of its sphere of usefulness in the sick-room is almost sure to interest and aid the beginner.The regional index is prepared for quizzing, ready reference and comparative study on part of those who desire to do thorough work.

H. R. Arndt.

San Francisco,
Thanksgiving Day, 1903.

Aconitum Napellus - Monks-Hood

Indicated in sthenic (overaction; high fever & strong pulse) conditions, inflammations, early effects of cold from draught, getting chilled, suppression of perspiration;effects of fright, menstrual suppression, or of intense excitement.

Hot face with cold hands and feet

Great tension, anxiety, fear

Fear of a crowd, of the future, of the seriousness of his illness; feels sure he will die.

Aggressive restlessness; tumbles about in bed, cannot lie still; sudden startings.

Pulse frequent, hard, wiry

Great sensitiveness to noises of any sortIntolerance of pain; pain of a stitching character in various parts of the body

Tingling and numbness in (left) face and in parts affected (neuralgia).

Everything tastes bitter, except water.

Intense thirst, relieved by drinking copiously of cold water

Coldness and pressure in abdomen as from a stone

Stools green, like chopped spinach.

Bruised pain in the back, as though beaten, withstiffness and numbness extending into the legs; the character of the pain makes him fear that his kidneys are affected.

Urine scanty, hot, with urethral burning and vesical tenesmus (ineffectual/ painful training).

Coryza: every inhalation of cold air causes a painful sense of coldness in the brain; pressive pain at root of nose.

Cough, dry, croupy; with laboured breathing. Worse fromgoing from warm into cold room.

Taste of blood in the mouth when coughing.

Hot feelings in lungs. Hawking, followed by bloody expectoration.

Burning heat in the body.
Heat and dryness of inflamed parts.

Worse in the warm room; in the evening; at night; from lying on the affected side; from tobacco smoke

Better in the open air

Aesculus Hippocastanum - Horse chestnut

Indicatedin the treatment of haemorrhoids associated with severe backache; recommended for follicular inflammation of the posterior pharynx.

Despondent, irritable mood.

Heaviness and lameness in the back.

Constant dull backache; can hardly walk, stoop or rise.

Sensation of small sticks in the rectum.

Haemorrhoids, with itching and sens of dryness or fulness in the rectum.Leucorrhoea, with lameness across back and hips, rendering walking difficult and painful.

Aethusa Cynapium - Fool’s Parsley

Indicated in gastro-intestinal diseases of children, with great nervous involvement, violence of all the symptoms and intolerance of milk.

Violence of all the symptoms.

Great heat, without thirst.

Profuse sweating; desires to be covered while sweating....
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