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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Homeschooling: A Real Choice?

Is homeschooling a choice in your children education? Yes, it is, but is not the better one because it doesn’t have complements like interaction, stability andpersonal security. This answer is common because many parents think in the consequences but others don’t. Actually, in some cases these consequences affect their lifestyle, but in others don’t affect itat all. Taking this decision is something personal, but sometimes can be dangerous because not offer all the complements necessary in your children education. Basically, homeschooling is not a goodchoice in your children education because they do not learn how to act in their social life and have problems when they start the university lifestyle.
Social life is something important and it canbe affected with the method of homeschooling. One of the main reasons that affect the child is been isolated. This doesn’t give him the opportunity to interact with others. Children that takehomeschooling do not have second opinions and this could create a sense of superiority. This is so bad because in a future the children can have so many problems with other people. The children inhomeschooling begin with a high level of learning, but when time passes he start to fall behind because of his loneless. Since this change, the personal security of the children begin to be in dangerbecause he started to feel in depression, to feel like nobody accepted him and to ask himself why he can’t be just like the other children.
The university lifestyle is completely different to thelifestyle that a child haves in his home. This is another problem that he haves to deal with. When they start college, many of them see it like a chance to explore new environment because of the lenelessthey lived in their homeschooling. A lot of them go to study far away to liberate themselves to the prison of their home. It’s hard to them get use to the methods of teaching and evaluation of the...
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