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Homework No. 1 Unit 8
 Market Leader 6th semester
       1. VOCABULARY
      a) Write the definition in English of the following words related to “Employment”:
           and give an examplewith each one. Page 69
         vacancy, shortlist, assemble, staff, advertise, reliable, proud, background,
         recruitment and headhunting.
      b) Develop exercise A, B and Cpage 69
       2. READING
     Read the text “ Motivating High–Caliber Staff “ and develop these exercises:
       a) Translate the following phrases into Spanish according to the text:page70 
          High – quality,   pep talks,  expensive training,  financial package, and
                stealing employees.
      b) Read the text and translate it meaningfully.
      c)Develop exercise B page 70, exercise C page 71 and exercise D page 71
      Indirect questions: Answer exercise A, B and C page 72
      4. LISTENING
    Listen to the CD MarketLeader and answer exercise 8.2 A and B page 71
      Read the expressions on page 73 and translate them into Spanish.
     - Please answer all your homeworkindividually as independent work.
     -  If you have any question please ask me for them at the tutorial class,
     -  Copies are not allowed.

a vacant, empty, or unoccupied place, asuntenanted lodgings or offices: This building still has no vacancies.
va‧can‧cy S3 plural vacancies
1 [countable]BE a job that is available for someone to start doing:
There are still two vacancies on theschool board.

vacancy for
We have no vacancies for photographers at the moment.
The council is making every effort to fill the vacancies.
information about job vacancies

short list
a list of thosepeople or items preferred or most likely to be chosen, as winnowed from a longer list of possibilities.short-list also shortlist [transitive usually passive] British Englishto put someone on a short...
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