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1. According to the conversation, which item did the woman NOT purchase with her credit card?
A. a digital camera
B. a TV
C. a stereo
2. What is one reason to explain why the woman obtained a student credit card?
A. She wants to buy things at a discount using the card.
B. She hopes to establish a good credit rating.
C. She doesn't want to borrow from her parents.3. According to the man, what is one reason for NOT having a credit card?
A. People generally have a difficult time getting out of debt.
B. Students often apply for more credit cards than they need.
C. The interest rates on student cards are very high.
4. What does the woman imply about how she plans on resolving her credit card problems?
A. She hopes that someone will give her the money.B. She plans on getting rid of her student credit cards.
C. She is going to return the items she purchased on the card.
5. What is the man going to do for the woman to help her manage her money?
A. help her find a better paying job to cover her expenses
B. teach her how to prepare a financial management plan
C. show her how she can apply for low-interest student credit cards
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1. What does the man want to do?
A. play basketball with friends from work
B. try out for the company baseball team
C. get in shape and compete in a cycling race
2. What is the woman's main concern?
A. She is worried her husband will spend too much time away from home.
B. She is afraid her husband will become a fitness freak.
C. She is concerned about herhusband's health.
3. What is the woman's first suggestion to her husband?
A. He should see a doctor.
B. Her husband should start with a light workout.
C. Her husband needs to visit a fitness trainer.
4. What does the woman advise about the man's diet?
A. He should consume less salt.
B. He should eat less fatty foods.
C. He should add more protein products to his diet.
5. Why does theman's wife recommend cycling?
A. It is good for improving muscle tone.
B. It helps strengthen the heart.
C. It helps develop mental toughness.
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Principio del formulario
1. Where did the chef learn to cook?
A. at a cooking school
B. at a family member's home
C. in a friend's kitchen
2. What isspecial about the chef's cookies?
A. He makes them by following a healthy recipe.
B. He prepares them by using inexpensive ingredients.
C. He sells them at many local stores.
3. Which ingredient does the chef NOT use to make his cookies?
A. baking powder
B. flour
C. sugar
4. At what temperature should you bake the cookies?
A. at 305 degrees
B. at 315 degrees
C. at 350 degrees
5. Whatis the topic of the next cooking program?
A. fun cookies for teenagers
B. inexpensive meals
C. tips for cleaning your kitchen
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Principio del formulario
1. What is the man's main problem with his computer?
A. It crashes a lot.
B. His computer has a virus.
C. It has a lot of junk software.
2. What is the issue with the computerwarranty?
A. The warranty has expired since he bought the computer.
B. The warranty isn't valid because didn't register the computer.
C. The warranty doesn't cover software issues and problems.
3. What can we infer from the first company's response to the caller?
A. They sent the man the wrong computer in the first place.
B. The company doesn't provide warranties for their products.
C. They areunderstaffed to handle customer complaints.
4. Which of the following is a main selling point for the second company being advertised?
A. Their products are the newest on the market.
B. The computers are cheaper than those sold by competitors.
C. The company manufactures secure and trustworthy machines.
5. What is the name of the second company?
A. Turbo Command
B. Turvo Computers
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