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Do an exercise for learn more about the vocabulary and practice the English

Read the book and make the rubric
Answer the activity
Results:Brian Anderson was surfing at a popular spot south of seaside, Oregon, on the day before Thanksgiving when he noticed something was grabbing his leg.
Realizing it was a shark, he punched itrepeatedly in the noise so it would loosen its grip.
Anderson said he did this automatically because he’d heard on a TV Show that sharks noses are sensitive.
As he was punching the shark, it began to releaseits grip on his leg
When the stunned shark finally let go, Anderson swam to shore, dragging his badly wounded leg behind him.
He was pulling himself up the rocks when another surfer came to his aidand called an ambulance
Anderson’s leg was bleeding badly when emergency workers arrived, so they took him to a local hospital, where he was kept overnight for observation.
In a post thanksgiving...
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