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Dr. Pedro Perea Fajardo
Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Yonaira Flores Del Valle
English 12
Prof. N. Torres
Table of content

1. Title page
2. Table of content
3. Setting
4. Characters
A-main characters
B-secondary characters
5. Plot
A. Beginning
B. Rising action
C. Climax
D. Resolution
E. Ending
6. Summary
7. Conflicts classifypp,ph,ps,pn,pf
8. Classify fiction / non fiction
9. Personal opinion


The movie was filmed in 2006-2007.
The movie takes place in long beach, California

Main characters: DINAMIC
Eva: Because throughout the movie events that took place involved her and surrounded around her life she was asking for help i so many ways but didn't know how to.
Sindy: Her and Eva'sgangs were against each other, they never got along and when stuff happened it involved both of them.
Marcus: He had so many issues since he was a young boy. He was face with many trials, and put through many things, he had secrets no one knew, he wanted to go back home to his mother but didn't know how to. He changed himself in order to show his mother that he wasn't going to disappoint heranymore.
Mrs.Gruwell: She helped change each child's life. The focus of the movie began with her deciding to change her career choice and become a teacher. Every event that took place involved were trying to help her students become better and let them know that they were in a safe environment. She was the reason why her class had become united and everyone understood each other and showed respect foreach other.
They are the main characters because of all they went through, and because of the story focused in on their lives.
Secondary character
Steve Gruwell- Erin Gruwell father does not want his daughter to be a teacher wanted it to be engineer.
Scott Casey- Gruwell’s husband left her because the thought that she preferred her students before him.
Jamal Hill - was the student who did thedrawing with big lips.

Gruwell comes to his first day of work is met with this group offenders. But she with the passing of the days were little has gained little. She will find books, CDs, came on tour, I made party when they returned from vacation. I hear them when they needed to talk to someone.

The assistant principal did not like Gruwell and the students were already muchimproved and there was no racism group everyone gets along with everything. Eva witnesses a death that was her boyfriend trying to kill some of those who studied with a gang Eva. Has entered the school with the help of the what Eva let go and there's boyfriend Eva fight with the boy and how he kicked ass boyfriend Eva he saw it in the bag the gas station and he shot the gun but do not hi thas been thegiven one in the front.

Eva was sorry because did not know yes to tell the truth. And that her boyfriend was the one who killed that man. And has killed the man who was the boyfriend of one of her classmates.
Eva advised the teacher has to say the truth and she has little left little realizing that her boyfriend did not want and just wanted to get him out of jail. Eva went to Gruwell askedhim some advice and listen. When I cry the day of the trial but said the whole truth.

Gruwell all goes well the students wanted to change their expectations of life. Learned to value life and go outside and not a pistol charger you did not know you were walking and you enter them dead. And just because they had problems with the gang to which they pretention. And Gruwell early gave him a book inwhich they take out their feelings and if the teacher wanted to read what they were going to put in a closet and if not q put. And when he went to Check que surprise much to see they put all their students. read them and told them he would make a book with everything they had written in their notebooks. The book called it a day on the street.

At 23 years old, still student-like, Erin...
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