Homosexual families - english

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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2010
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Persuasive speech
* Opener building on areas of agreement
Discrimination is violence and death
We should accept the differences us, even if is difficult

* Statement of specific purposeSeed tolerance and acceptation for other people, and understand that even when our traditions are important, is more important begin to reduce the percentage of gender bias and violence.

*Preview of main 3 points
* The number of homo parental families is increasing every day, and they become more visible in our society
* A child grew in a homosexual family, do not necessarybecome homosexual. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ilga+&aq=f
* The number of homeless and orphan children could be reducing. Also, is important to remember that the most of thehomeless, mistreat and orphan children, become from heterosexual or traditional families
* Summary
* Is important to reduce the percentages of intolerance and violence caused bydifferences that is important begin to understand and accept. By the other hand, is possible to see advantages in the creation of this new kind of families.
* Memorable concluding Remark
When I meetsomebody, I don’t care if is black, white, Jewish, or Muslim. It is enough to me to know that is a human being.


It’s not a secret that all the humanbeings are different. However, despite that the discrimination to these human differences has only brought us violence and death, is still difficult and impossible (in certain aspects) to accept anykind of difference between us, maybe by fear, or maybe cause we are to close and dependent of our traditions.

One clear example of this is the integration of Homo Parental families to the society,a recent process which has been hard and traumatic. Anyway, the conformation of homo families should suppose more advantages that disadvantages.

One point to consider is the highest percent of...
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