Homosexual relationships

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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2011
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Homosexual Relationships
Is it wrong to show love to someone from your same sex?... some people may say that it is something wrong, strange and immoral, on the other hand there are some others, whohave an open mind and think that it is something natural, common and right. What would you think of this? Do you think that is ethical or unethical? Homosexual relationships can be accepted if they donot affect other people. What would the philosophers Mill and Aristotle say?
We should respect homosexual relationships, because they are humans and they have feelings, so they deserve to be treatedas equal. The philosopher Stuart Mill would agree with this type of relationships because he affirms that “You are acting morally if the consequences of your action bring happiness to the greatestnumber of people”, in this case the greatest number of people would be their family and friends. Our point of view is that if it brings happiness to a lot of people it should be something good, but iseven better if they consider that the action would bring happiness to both of them in the first place.
Some would argue that homosexual relationships are wrong because it is not something naturalbetween humans, and that they might bring a lot of bad consequences among the people like: disagreement, discrimination, lack of respect and in the kid’s place confusion of, if it is right or wrong whatthey do. But thinking about the homosexual people, how would their life have been, if they hadn’t met each other and have the opportunity to show it?, surely they would have felt sadness, frustration,unhappiness, hopelessness, etc. for all of their life. Mill suggests that the consequences of an action should be evaluated according to the benefits that it brings. In this case it is right to followa philosophy that encourages people to believe that the end justifies the means.
Homosexual relationships don’t hurt or affect anybody; they are living their life the way they want. As we decide...
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