Honduras por que no me gutaria vivir alli

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Tecnológico de Monterrey


I would‘nt like to live in Honduras .There are 3 reasons why i don’t like this country. The food is prepared in a very different way. Hospitalityis very bad because they are very rude to tourists.Insecurity is due to poverty that exists today and for some years ago in the country.

The food tastes very different from what we getused here in Mexico, including the coke which is an international brand had a different flavor. I've already been in this country and I did not like the food at all. I don’t like the way they preparetheir food. I don’t really like the gastronomy of Honduras. (morales, 2008)

Hopsitality is something people are not characterized in that country. The people are so disinterested in touristsor at least in the Mexican. The time I visit this country for a football game from the hotel to the people who attended the game they behave the worst as they can like they hate us. Need tobe more attentive with tourists as it is what creates or contributes to the economy of they country. (Arias, 2011)

Insecurity in this country is given by the economic problems currentlyfacing in the country, actually live in extreme poverty and this has as a result vandalism, assaults and live in fear. I think that the goverment should improve the security in the streets in order tohave a control in this type of problems. Such as this behavior they demostrate the education and dealing with tourists. (Hernandez, 2010)

In conclusion Honduras needs to improve someaspects that makes the country look bad.I think people should be more kind and generous with tourists. Also give more support nutrition and education in the communities most needed. After changing thisaspects they could aspire to be better people and well as the consequences become a better country.



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