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Honesty is one of the treasured values of human being.

Living life honestly means opening oneself freely and exposing one's true self to others. Honesty is essential because it acts as the glueholding people together.

Moreover, honesty helps a person to conquer problems and excel in his life.

First of all, honesty is the foundation upon which a person builds any relationship with hisloved ones such as family or friends. By being honest to his loved ones, he will make them feel that they are trustworthy and closed enough for him to totally expose his true self.

Thus, they aremore assured that he values them and their relationship. The sweetness in the relationship, therefore, is more likely to remain. In contrast, a person will endanger his relationship with others evenif he tells lies just for once.

For example, a child tells his mother that he will go to the library to study. However, he ends up going to a friend's party and gets caught by his mother. It isunderstandable that after the incident, the mother will not trust her son as much as before and doubt what he says later.

Honesty produces trust which is needed for a relationship to be sustained.It is inevitably that people have a tendency of relying on an honest person. Imagine who will trust a person who always deprived others of knowing the truth?

In addition, honesty helps a person toconquer problems and excel in life. It is essential for a person to be honest with himself. Only when a person plucks up the courage to face his inner values and emotion, can he get rid of thenegative feelings which hold him back and as a result, find the confidence within. The confidence is what he needs in order to handle problems and perform well.

Moreover, trust is produced by honesty.Without trust, a person has no credibility which is at the core of being able to influence others and provide strong leadership. It is equally hard for him to seek help from others when needed because...
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