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  • Publicado : 2 de febrero de 2012
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Academic Dishonesty

Being honest shouldn’t be a must for people but something that should be practiced everyday in anywhere. Nowadays, the practice of lying, is meant, being dishonest is somethingvery usual all over the world - from children to old people-. It’s not something that should be taking heedlessly. Furthermore some of the liars don’t know when they are lying because of theirignorance; in this instance is when making a school work, students commonly cut-and-paste without quoting the information they got -usually found in web sites-.

According to the World English Dictionarythe word honesty is defined as “the condition of being honest” or well as “sincerity or fairness”. Both two are good definitions, when we come to think about it, because an honest person is someonewho always tries his best to tell the true, not someone who sometimes speak truthfully. People say that they lie because they do not want to hurt someone’s feelings but even if someone changes thereality a little bit, a half-true is always a whole lie. For all of this, it could be said that an honest person makes honest actions and works; so all those who uses other’s words to describe or saysomething about anything doesn’t act truthful, even if they don’t know it is not right to do that.

When people copy or take ideas of another person and use them as if they were theirs is calledPlagiarism. It is like stealing so it’s something to worry about but why does it happen? Because students don’t know to cite sources properly at the time they make their investigation or some don’t do itbecause they don’t know they had to, as a consequence teachers get in trouble when they go over the work. National surveys say that this is an important problem that the world is commonly grappling inschools, “They show marked increases in cheating and plagiarism over the past decade. On anonymous surveys, many high school and college students acknowledge that they cheat, at least occasionally,...
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