Honor code

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Honor Code
Once upon a time, in a desert land forgotten by the Hand of God, there were two kingdoms trapped in a medieval age, that never fought on the same side. In one side were the Zealots, an ancient community of religious and extremist adepts, ruled by series of extremist codes, impose by the influent and overpowered priest, The Supreme Gabriel, whose clothes were made of pure gold anddiamonds, but they were nothing compared to his wealth. On the other side of the arid land were the Templars, a very skilled organization full of arcane warriors experienced in the art of war, alchemist masters, and a great knowledge in technology, directed by the war general, Capitan Cyrus, who didn´t have mercy with the blind religious, that once made him a scar across his eye. Both kingdoms alwaysfound a reason to fight with each other, without caring of the lives lost.

One day, at the morning sunrise, an army full of adepts went straight to the Templar´s Castle, attacking maybe without the best weapons, but in really great numbers. The watchers, in the Templar´s Castle, made sound the alarm at the first sight of the Zealots.
–Adepts coming straight to the west! Prepare the shooters!At the top of the gate´s tower, the great iron crossbows aimed at the coming horde of adepts. The silence was broke by the watcher´s voice.
–Fire at will!
Meanwhile, at the front of the Zealot´s horde, the brave and experienced warrior, Archangel Eldar, was quietly seeing how the arrows impulsed by rockets were falling in his soldier.
–Sir, we must destroy the crossbows if we want to advance! –An adept exclaim.
–They can have technology, but we have the help of God! – Shout Archangel Eldar – Angels, strike at the towers!
From the center of the horde a squad of adepts with rustic jetpacks jumped in the middle of the towers attacking them.
–Sir we have lost the towers! – Shouted the watcher – They are trying to enter the fortress!
Waiting behind the castle´s gate was the mercilessarcane warrior, Sentry Tristan, who is known to be the deadliest stealthy warrior in all the kingdom history, waiting the attack of the Zealot horde.
–They may get in with life, but I promise you they will you out without it.
The Zealot´s Angels opened the gate and went to strike another valuable part of the castle, meanwhile, the adepts started to enter the inside the Templar´s fortress.–Death´s riders! Start hunting them! –Order the Sentry Tristan.
Series of black armored horses went straight to fight the horde of adepts. These horses were called Death´s riders because the Templars knew that Death is a respectable opponent, just as their fine breed of horses.
–Hold on the ambush! Hold on a little longer my soldiers! – Tried Eldar to encourage his defeated soldier – You must hold on!Archangel Eldar was defending himself from the ambush as he tried to spot the Angels that were looting the fortress. As he was trying to get out, the squad of Angels landed in front of him clearing the zone of Death´s riders. Then the Angels dropped a bright dust that was the perfect distraction to escape. When the dust cleared up there were just the bodies of the Zealot´s soldiers.
–Why they wouldsacrifice an entire army just to steal some gold? – ask one of the riders.
–That wasn´t gold – whispered Tristan as he ran to his library in the top of the fortress. When he arrives he felt stupid for letting his maps in sight when a distraction was taking place in the castle. A yell full of wrath leave his mouth as he was seeing years of knowledge being burned in his library.

The next day,at midnight, Eldar was trying to understand the meaning of the map he was holding his hand, when a cold breeze touch his back.
–Try to kill me will be the worst mistake of your life – Said Eldar as he was still trying to understand that piece of paper.
–You don´t know what kind of power can give the one that controls the Holder– Exclaim Tristan.
–You think that a simple human can manage...
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