Hooligans polacos

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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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The violence among football fans in Poland.
"Thinking of Euro 2012"

1. The general topic

We want to show the level of violence and aggression of the fans of the Polish football team, the mentality and behavior will Hooligans Poland as to ensure safety, both in the stadiums and around fans of different nationalities European attend next year because of the European FootballChampionship 2012 that Poland and Ukraine host. To achieve our objective, we interviewed various personalities associated with the field to show the various points of view about the Hooligans and security within and outside the stadiums.

2. Background of the story

Polish hooligans are among the most dangerous in the world, any of these derbies or a single party can turn the stadium into a bond offlames and hinting pitched battles between supporters of rival teams, where weapons, sometimes are also allowed.

The story is relatively recent. The first riots and confrontations are recorded from the early twentieth century when the police intervened occasionally to get some peace in the matter. Some years later, in 1939, started the Second World War and with it the German occupation ofPoland. The Nazis banned the sport, but soon emerge illegal movements to organize meetings with their respective bouts ...

The country's history progressed, the cruel war ended and the football out of the ground again but under a troublesome spectator Soviet communism (1945-1989). He himself had changed the name to the country to transform the Ludowa Rzeczpospolita Polska (PRL - Polish People'sRepublic) and exercised invasive procedure.

Little by little in Poland (from the 70s) fans began to organize and form groups or associations, however, at that time fans were hard to travel with their teams. Sometimes, forgetting politics, rivalries and friendships with each other also appeared and so did the fighting itself, in most cases, the Soviet government tried to hide the facts.

Aftereach meeting, of course, had to confront or escape the security forces, the ZOMO (Zmotoryzowane Odwody Milicji Obywatelskiej), something like mechanized reserves the communist police, who did not like anything all that anti-Soviet propaganda and organization. Ran or stopped blows right and left to the fans.

These fans, in particular in the city of Gdansk, formed an important part of theSolidarity movement, the famous union which gave rise to a great social movement that quickly spread across the country and also for the rest of stages. Soon reach the national uprising that would drop the yoke of communism nearly half a century later, that dream 1989.

While in other countries like England (in the 80s a hooligan world referent) the 90s were synonymous with tranquility as far ashooligans are concerned, it was not the same with Poland, where the movement continued to grow influenced by the economic depression that plagued the country after the rapid transformation of the free market socialist. Political interests had recently, however, came social problems, youth unemployment, "too much freedom", difficulty in adapting to new environment, etc. the subculture of the hooliganswas consolidated and expanded dangerously.

This leads us to two of the most dangerous teams. As good opponents, had to be in the same city is Krakow, and leads: Kraków and Wisła Kraków. They have more than a century old. Never got along but it was in the communist period when the differences were more clear than ever.

At that time, the Wisła, "sponsored" by the military in charge, he facedthe Krakow, a clear idea of anti-Soviet. Even today their derbies are known to be the most dangerous in the country, this game is popularly known as the Holy War (Wojna Święto) and Krakow, his house, known as the city of knives. Why is the city of knives? Its origin is based on the movement hooligan.Fueron only two clubs who refused to fight without weapons. Following this wise decision rivers...
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