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  • Publicado : 26 de septiembre de 2010
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Marco Antonio Meraz

1.Dreams of Ada (What is it about?)

“Dreams of Ada” is the title of a book, which was published by Viking in April 1987 by a respected New York journalist namedRobert Mayer. For a lucky coincidence he heard about the story of the murder of Denice Haraway. Robert Mayer was interested in the case and so he decided to investigate about it. He went to Ada andbegan collecting information about the town, the people and the suspects. In this book Mayer criticized the way of prosecuting the suspects and the terrible manners that Rogers and Smith utilized withthis two boys in order to get their confessions because they mistreated people and usually did this off the record. It shows the injustice committed against Ward and Fontenot and to show the uselessjustice system. It also shows all the contradictions in the two confessions and how were this boys forced to confess and the absurd of making a trial against two people basing all in a dream-confession.2.Fritz's Trial (List of events)

* Fritz is arrested at his house around midnight.
* Smith and Rogers interrogate Fritz without getting anything.
* At first Fritz and Rons trial isthe same.
* There is a preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 20.
* Fritz trial begins on April 6 1988.
* Judge Jones directs the trial.
* Cecil Smith was a member of the jury andwanted to condemn Fritz.
* The first witness was Glen Gore who declared that he did not see Dennis, but he did see Ron. This case was not entirely about Dennis because it intended to blame Ron.* There was a lot of nonsense in this trial and any witness could say anything credible against Fritz.
* Bill Peterson was the prosecutor but he had nothing against Fritz and so he startedyelling to catch the attention.
* Donna Walker was another witness who said that after the assassination of Donna Ron and Fritz stopped going to the store and then suddenly they returned with...
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