Hormones in puberty

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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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March 2012
Santiago Cortes

Hormones Involved In Puberty
The Big Change in Teen-Agers

Always the human body is changing psychological and physical because we live in a circle of lifethat always is running. They are different stages in our lives since we born until we die and our body keeps growing and making us older. One of the first stages that we must live is when we areteen-agers and It is called puberty that is a big step between kids and adults. The main change in that process is the change in our physical appearance most of the body parts start growing up, but insideour body the things that are most involved are the hormones; that are ¹substances that make signals that help our body make function and processes ( Marcia Purse, 2006). The hormones are involved inmost of the functions that our body need and in this case the puberty need hormones during most of the changes that our body make.
Development of Male Sexual Characteristics.
APBI 2007
Developmentof Male Sexual Characteristics.
APBI 2007
The hormones are related in women as men because the glands that produce those hormones are the gonads the ones in charge of the sex hormones in the body.In the case of men the Testis produce Testosterone the hormone that is responsible in the puberty of males but also girls produce this hormone but less than men, because in the case of the girls theovaries are the glands that secrete Oestrogen and Progesterone the main hormones in the female puberty. The men also have other gland in the stage of puberty that is ²the pituitary that produceLuteinizing and Follicle-Stimulating hormone which stimulate the amount of sperm and sex hormones in the blood because they stimulate Testosterone that is the one in charge of the voice breaks, the hair growon the face and the body, make the body becomes more muscular, the genitals development and the sperm production (ABPI 2007). In the case of women also the ³LT and FSH is secreted to stimulate the...
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