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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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To be loved or to be hated? – by Carolina
After almost three months of vacations, we were back. Back to the same place that saw as grew, day by day throughout most of our childhood and part of ouradolescence, yes, we were back to school. Our last year of torture was beginning. While entering my school, I saw little kids running and playing with each other, teachers were trying to calm themdown, but since it was the first day of school, it was effortless. I just kept walking; some friends welcomed me back with a huge smile on their faces and cuddles, which was pretty nice because I have notseen them in a while. Some steps farther, four huge boards were placed, one for each class (freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors). I approached toward the yellow board that said “seniors” andsaw two sheets of paper with a bunch of names in them. After reading my name, a lot of memories came to my mind, I was about to leave what has been my second home, some tears reached my eyes as Iwalked to my classroom.
Already placed in my spot, the third row, on my left I had my best friend since kindergarten, Andrea and on my right Maria Fernanda who I’ve known a couple of years ago in thebasketball team. As the teacher got in the classroom she said “Good morning everybody, and welcome back, I see some new faces, please introduce yourselves”. A girl in the back stood up and followed theteachers’ instructions, and so did the others. After that tedious and prolonged activity, Ms., Aliaga, the teacher asked one simple question, “So, what did you do on your vacations?” which at first Iwas not embarrassed to answer at all. I studied French the whole summer and that was the main reason why I did not see my friends at all. So everybody has not heard from me in a long, they wereexpecting something spectacular to hear.
I did not feel stressed out until they started mentioning the great places they went to. Karla stood up and said “These vacations I went to visit my family in...
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