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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2011
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Liliana : Hi, I’m Liliana.

Jorge: Hi, Liliana. I’m Jorge.

Liliana : Glad to meet you, Jorge.

Jorge: Glad to meet you,too.

Liliana : What your last name?

Jorge: It’s Aguilar. And What your last name?

Liliana : My last name is……………………

Jorge: ok, liliana.

Liliana : How old areyou?

Jorge: I am thirty- two years old. And you?

Liliana: I am …….years old.

Liliana : Jorge, When is your birthday?

Jorge: It’s on July 16 th. . When’s yours?Liliana : My birthday is on April 15 th

Jorge: Liliana, ¿ what do you want for your birthday?

Liliana: I want ………………….., and you, what do you want?

Jorge: Iwant new shoes and a new skirt. I want a party, too.

Jorge: Your birthday is in April.

Jorge: Is Aries your sign?

Liliana : No, it isn’t.

Jorge: Is Leo your sign?

Liliana : No, it isn’t

Jorge: Which sing of the zodiac are you?

Liliana : My sign is Taurus

Jorge: oh, good.

Liliana : What is your sign ?

Jorge: Mysign is Cancer.

Liliana : Talk about your sign, Jorge.

Jorge: Well, Cancer is symbolized by the crab and my element is water, but in the

Chinese Horoscope, Cancer isrepresented by the Dragon Fire.

Liliana : oh, great.

Jorge: Talk about your sign, Liliana.

Liliana : Well, Taurus is symbolized by the bull, and my best romanticmatches are

Libra, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Jorge: This is interesting.

Liliana: Jorge, what time is it?

Jorge: It’s ……………..

Liliana: Jorge, what time is theEnglish class?

Jorge: It’s ……………..

Liliana: Uh – oh. I am late.

Liliana: Well, good – by Jorge.

Jorge: Good – by Liliana.

Liliana: See you.

Jorge: See you.
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