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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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Montrose Hotel
For about two months, Kathy Cole, the general manager of the Montrose Hotel, has been noticing a problem with the accounts receivable ledger. It has grown more than it should have,even though occupancy has been improving recently. The total ledger has grown by over 50%, with most of the growth being aged at over 30 days. Kathy cannot let this condition continue for very long, soshe is addressing it with Glenna Danks, the hotel controller. Glenna tells Kathy that they are having trouble collecting on accounts sent to them from the front office. The front office manager, RussFleming, has been on the job for about three months. Russ came to the Montrose Hotel from another of the chain’s properties, where he was the assistant front office manager. The hotel Russ came fromhas a front office computer system, but the Montrose Hotel will not have one until next year. Kathy asks Russ to work with Glenna to find an answer to the issues. Upon researching the problems, Russand Glenna find the following:  Registration cards are not being filled in by guests with correct, billable or readable addresses. Guests are sometimes leaving the space open. Credit card vouchers aredifficult to read. Many credit card vouchers have after-departure charges on them. Groups are paying their master accounts more slowly than usual. Guest comment cards show many complaints aboutinaccurate bills and the time it takes to check out the hotel.

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Kathy, Glenna and Russ must act quickly to bring the accounts receivable ledger back to its usual small amount Based upon theinformation Glenna and Russ discovered: 1. Identify which departments must be involved in the actual problem resolution. 2. Write an action plan describing what each department must do to resolve theproblem. Be sure to include employee training, updating departmental procedures and specific accountabilities for ensuring the work is done properly. 3. Since the front office computer system is not...