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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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Water pollution
the most important thing is that this problem is affecting everybody, because of course the water is very important for us to live, and each time is becoming more and more difficultto purify water, so in the process they are using more chlorine in water and that is not good for our health and worse for people who can´t afford to buy pure water and they drink the water directlyon the faucet.

The first example of water pollution is every kind of trash that people throw everywhere specially in the streets and when is raining the trash drops in the pipes and caps the pipesor it finishes in a river or something like that.

Other form of water pollution is when some people don´t take care of sewage and it makes the lakes, and oceans more polluted.

Causes andconsequences

The causes of water pollution is the trash that people throw, in the streets even if you go to a beach there is some trash on the shore and on the surface of water, that ignorantpeople prefer to left it in the shore and not put it into a trashcan.

The other cause is the sewage because they end in the ocean.

The consequence of water pollution is the deathof sea animals it could be because the water is too dirty or the animals are eating that trash.

Other consequence could be that people could get sick if is in touch of that polluted water they canget a lot of kinds of diseases.

This is even worse for people who have to fish to live every day, if water is polluted the fish will died or they sell the fish very polluted and that’s whysometimes people get sick to trust in that people and buy that fish or any kind of sea animals.

The solution of water pollution could be some campaigns to give people more information becauseeverything that they throw then it is going back the water thet they use in their home, or in the animals that they eat every day.

The government has to work so hard on some more strict laws...
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