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Since the beginnings of modern hospitality the industry has become more demanding over and over. Every day, lodgment is being transform to exceed the needs of guest, customers and employees in the pursuit of providing an excellent service; the aim of hospitality. Physical surroundings in servicescapes have positive and negative impacts on customers and employees while the service is beingprovided. Experts on this topic assert that these positive or negative impacts are given by environmental dimensions that play an important role on the physiological moderators of each person unchaining in different behaviors according to their on perceptions and experiences. It is generally acknowledged that physical surroundings have serious impacts in the experience of each person involved in thisprocess, dealing with the tangible and intangible components that lead to the success or failure of a hospitality business. This essay will illustrate the impacts of physical surroundings of servicescapes on customers and employees in terms of the environmental dimensions, the physiological moderators, the internal responses of each actor and the behavior of the people involved in this process.One of the main points about physical surroundings is the environmental dimensions divided in three groups: ambient conditions, space/function and signs, symbols and artifacts. When discussing about ambient conditions several factors converge to play an important role that affects perceptions of customers and employees in the servicescape. For example, factors such as temperature, lighting, noise,music, scent, air quality are included in the background characteristics of the servicescape (Bitner 1992). Furthermore, if the combination of all these intangible factors is well balanced in the servicescape, it would provide an excellent service leading to achieve success in the leisure business (Jones 2008). While this is true, sometimes such dimensions could be totally imperceptible, especiallyon employees who have been in contact with the servicescape for long periods (Bitner 1992). Although this may be true, it is argued in many studies that all of these factors converging in the workplace highly influence the performance of all employees and in their job satisfaction (Jones 2008).
When discussing about space and functionality, it is important that costumers as employees areprovided with the correct equipment, tools and machinery to allow them to receive and provide a good service. In addition, these equipment, machinery and tools should be in complete harmony to project a good image of the quality of the services it is being conferred (Jones 2008). Moreover, functionality should facilitate a good performance in the pursuit to achieve the goals of the business (Bitner1992). On the other hand, several servicescapes offer to customers layouts where they have to perform by their own with the idea that this will make their lives easier (Jones 2008). In spite of this, the reality is that good service is provided by well trained employees who are reliable to assist customers to supply excellent quality service (Bitner 1992). When discussing about signs, symbols andartifacts in the servicecape it has to be say that this is part of a good implicit or explicit communication; a servicescape incorrectly signed will contribute to confusions to customers and employees leading to misunderstandings and a perception of low quality (Rosembaum 2005). While this is true, several servicescapes does not have such fancy signage but it still offers a good service to thecustomers and employees get used to work under this circumstances. Although this may be true, it is argued that a good quality servicescape, well signed, tidy and clean can influence costumer and employees beliefs about the reputation, reliability, quality and competence of the business (Reiner 2005). Thus, it is a fact that the service provider needs to develop an original and a unique concept of...
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