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Lack of Recognition

1.1 What is the value given to their role?
Wake the kids, make breakfast, take children to school, sewing, shopping, ironing, preparing meals, sweep,do dishes, set the table, wash clothes, clean the kitchen, calculate expenses, clean the windows....
All these are just a few of the many tasks of the housewives, which often are not recognized.Being a housewife is not considered a work of great value. Generally, their works are not considered as such because they are unpaid.
If you ask a “housewife” how many times her family has publically orprivately praised her work and just not her cooking, she would be able to count it on her fingers.
Recognition is one of the most important motivating factors in life.

1.2 Working outside is hardThe demands placed on a mother and homemaker are so extensive that simultaneously pursuing a career is extremely difficult. The scientists also observed the crushing burden of multiple rolesassociated with being a mother and work outside the home.


Child Care and Housework

2.1 women are more involved with their family than men
Men don’t think about the care of their childrenas much as women. For example, while involved in work outside the home, mothers can’t stop thinking about their children and many times they feel guilty if they become so consumed with the demands oftheir jobs.
Another challenge that woman face is caring for aging parents. A study shows that 72 percent of caregivers are women. Typically spending 18 hours per week caring for a parent.

Many people can think if men and women contribute with their incomes for households , it is logical that both share housework too, but this isn’t the reality.
Men are doing more housework,however women do much more.
A study showed that between 1965 and 1999, men increased their housework from 12 hours to 16 hours weekly. Women showed a decline in housework performedfrom 40 to 27...
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