How can history affect the human's life?

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¨ At the beginning of the times, everything was darkness and there was only a particle, that exploited and gave origin to everything we know today¨, is apostulate of many theories that tries to explain the origin of a universe and in particular a planet, where the man and life born.
By foregoing this planet is full of riddles and mysteries that, overtime, man, rational being and capable of thinking, has been gradually solving with help of their intelligence and adaptability.
The man is a being that has evolved. at their beginning, the humanbeing Only was in caves, was beginning to learn about their environment, learn how to use it to become it to his advantage.

Unlike other species, the ability of reasoning of Homo sapiens (human),allowed him to go several steps forward that led to important and decisive changes.
As a result, homo sapiens change some aspects like pass from nomadic to be sedentary and did not worry so much inhunting, but also in agriculture, which allowed give origin to communities that would later become in big metropolis and empires like the Roman, civilization that were characterized for its expansion andhis Government autocrat led by Emperor named as the Caesar and Supreme being both on land and in the heaven (was considered a God).
This empire, for politics reasons and ideology, decided to dividein two big empires, the eastern and the western empire, decision which subsequently caused the fall of the Western Empire and later gave origin to the middle age.
As a result, the society change,the governments were kings, controlled, in some cases by the popes.
The power of the religion and its ambition get origin to the Wars.
These began in 1905, by the power of the Holy land, they werecalled crusades. The Church wanted to create a group that will help to the reconquest and in 1119 created the order of the poor Knights of Christ or better known as the order of the temple or Knights...
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