How can the cockroach survive a atomic bomb

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2011
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How can the cockroach survive a atomic bomb

Cockroaches do indeed have a much higher radiation resistance than vertebrates, with the lethal dose perhaps 6 to 15 times that for humans. However,they are not exceptionally radiation-resistant compared to other insects, such as the fruit fly The cockroach's ability to withstand radiation better than human beings can be explained through the cellcycle. Cells are most vulnerable to the effects of radiation when they are dividing. A cockroach's cells divide only once each time it molts, which is weekly at most in a juvenile roach. Since not allcockroaches would be molting at the same time, many would be unaffected by an acute burst of radiation, but lingering radioactive fallout would still be harmful

Are cockroach’s dangerous?Cockroaches can carry diseases, not inside of them like mosquitoes, but on the outside, they then walk across your food (eating it sometimes) and contaminate it, it is also estimated that 10-15 millionAmericans are allergic to cockroaches.

The thing is, they aren't good for anything, for human's that can crush them up and put them on wounds though, it relieves pain
The fact that they havesurvived for more than 300 million years shows how resistant these things are. Almost in any old building which had either coal kitchen or heating systems they are present. But since they usually comeout at night, they are not excessively disgusting; up you find them in a really unpleasant place

The cockroach
Cockroach’s has lived for more then 354–295 million years ago.Cockroaches live in awide range of environments around the world. Pest species of cockroaches adapt readily to a variety of environments, but prefer warm conditions found within buildings. Many tropical species prefereven warmer environments and do not fare well in the average household.

Cockroaches leave chemical trails in their feces as well as emitting airborne pheromones for swarming and mating. Other...
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