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  • Publicado : 26 de septiembre de 2010
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shall be interested in how all the various stakeholders can make
their voice heard.
To some extent we can see design as a generic activity, and yet
there appear to be real differences between theend products
created by designers in various domains. One of the questions
running throughout the book then will be the extent to which
designers have common processes and the extent to whichthese might vary both between domains and between individuals.
A structural engineer may describe the process of calculating the
dimensions of a beam in a building as design. In truth such a
process isalmost entirely mechanical. You apply several mathematical
formulae and insert the appropriate values for various
loads known to act on the beam and the required size results. It is
quiteunderstandable that an engineer might use the word
‘design’ here since this process is quite different from the task of
‘analysis’, by which the loads are properly determined. However,
a fashion designercreating a new collection might be slightly
puzzled by the engineer’s use of the word ‘design’. The engineer’s
process seems to us to be relatively precise, systematic
and even mechanical, whereasfashion design seems more imaginative,
unpredictable and spontaneous. The engineer knows more
or less what is required from the outset. In this case a beam that
has the properties of being able tospan the required distance
and hold up the known loads. The fashion designer’s knowledge
of what is required is likely to be much vaguer. The collection
should attract attention and sell well andprobably enhance
the reputation of the design company. However, this information
tells us much less about the nature of the end product of the
design process than that available to the engineerdesigning
a beam.
Actually both these descriptions are to some extent caricatures
since good engineering requires considerable imagination and can
often be unpredictable in its outcome, and good...
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