How emotions can affect a persons health? essay

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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2010
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How emotions can affect a persons health?

I thing emotions can affect your health, your life even your self- steam, everything, your view of the world. Have you ever felt broken down, like ifyour life is like moving sand. Like if something goes wrong and then something else, eventually you have a big problem on your shoulders. Suddenly everything is wrong and you try to make it better butyou only make it worst. Then is when you start falling. You try your way back into the light, but the more you fight back, the deeper you go.

Then your emotions and attitudes are affecting yourhealth. Leaving you on a big depression. There the only thing you can count on is your health . then you fall into a deep depresion. Since you are sad you stop taking care of your self. So you startloosing your health. You feel sick and tired of everything thats going on everywhere.

So you lose it all. Then the only ones that can help you are those ones close to you. Like your family and friends.Lovers could be, those kind of people.

It is really hard to recover from those kind of falls, not everybody can. In my personal opinion. I have never been on moving sand, probably on a sinking shipbut never on moving sand. I relate it as bad and worst I havent been i such a bad problem.

That time football helped me come back into the light. Thats when i started loving football. I could seethat the game was pure and as in every sport you can get lost in it. You do not have time to think, you just move and react. You forget all your worries and problems. The same game cheers you up. Forexample like if you are really sad before a game and during the game you do something great, the same players congratulate you and the people on the stands and everybody in the field. That is thegreat part of it, football is something for what people look up to you for.

Playing football is one way of helping your emotions and your health in good shape. Any sport helps you stay healthy. If...
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