How far can science fly

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How to build human?

After seeing the video “how to build a human” from the BBC, we can say that cloning is “the technique of producing a genetically identical duplicate of an organism byreplacing the nucleus of an unfertilized human egg with the nucleus of a body cell from the organism.”

The procedure to clone an Embryo involves taking an egg, which is not easy, becausethe woman only produces one egg per month and needs to be stimulated to produce more at a time. Secondly; remove the nucleus from the egg, to delete the woman's genetic information, and then he puts into the human egg, acell of the patient's skin. In this way the embryo is going to be creating only with the patient genetic information. The original nucleus cannot be mixed with the cells of the patient.

Thinkingabout the future the stem cell cloning can provide treatments to some diseases like diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's. Another important point would be to replace older cells. But according to thevideo, now the most important thing is to improve the people life, repairing some particular parts of the body, like spinal cords, windpipe, among others.
There are many points in favor of cloning anEmbryo, including the fact to return the mobility to the legs to a person who had an accident of any kind. Another point would be that if a person needs an organ transplant, would not have to waitfor months, and could get an organ thanks to this procedure and the great innovation is that the patient would not reject the organ, because is created with an identical DNA. Thinking about the future, youcan clone a person who is already dead, because the cells can live up to 24 hours after death.

Some cons are; apart of using therapeutic cloning, scientists will occupy cloning to create identicalpeople. Another point in that “some opponents have fought against therapeutic cloning because of the destruction of the embryo; they believe life begins at conception. They also believe that...
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