How far was macbeth to blame

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How far was Macbeth to blame?
“The Tragedy of Macbeth”

1.The tragedy of Macbeth was written by William Shakespeare, for the years 1606, at this time there was a strong belief in witches, magic,wizards, there was also the time of the kings, it is because of this that The Tragedy of Macbeth related to what was happening at that time. This history is about how Macbeth betrayed the king withhis wife, Lady Macbeth. In every scene it looks how Macbeth is thinking if it’s right to kill King Duncan and also how he is going to do it, with the support of Lady Macbeth before they kill him. Theappearances of the witches also have an important role because they predict that Macbeth would kill King Duncan and he would be king, at first Cawdor and then king. The mysterious is how far was Macbethto blame?
2. This tragedy started when the witches wanted to met Macbeth because they had some predictions about his life, they told Macbeth that he would be “Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, kinghereafter”(witches p.p 15), but at first he didn’t believe that and told the witches to vanished. After this moment he started to think about the possibility to be a king, I think in this part theblame isn´t appear yet because he is just thinking, maybe he would plan to kill the king, not yet. Macbeth sends Lady Macbeth a letter telling her the predictions of the witches, that he would be king,this idea liked to Lady Macbeth, that’s why she persuade him to do it. In this stage Macbeth was already planning, so is near to blame.

3.Duncan named his son the successor of the kingdom, Macbethwas furious with this notice so he paid attention to the witches prediction and think that he can be the king, but he was afraid and nervous to kill the king, because of the consequences: apunishment, the dignity of Macbeth so here Lady Macbeth had his first appearance, it was an important factor for the murder of Duncan because she persuade a lot his husband to kill the king by telling him...
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