How moving from place to place can affect teens?

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  • Publicado : 18 de agosto de 2012
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Moving from place to place can affect teens in various ways. They gain more experiences, they get to meet other people, make new friends, and they get to knownew places too; it can be presented as an opportunity to start all over again, to make a new beginning in their lives, but this process can convey badsituations too, as it’s linked to a variety of emotions and circumstances.
Teenagers spend their lives trying to settle down, make friends and adapting to the rulestheir environment needs them to stick with, and moving can come as the destruction entity for all the progress made. When they see someone is threatening all this,they may become hard to handle and rebellious.

I read a study that states that teens that move a lot have twice suicide risk, which was really shocking;Teens find themselves in loneliness, it’s extremely difficult for them to make friends, a clear feeling of isolation, and this leads to pathologies likedepression, and eventually to suicide.

But as I said in the beginning, not everything can be bad, there are some teenagers that accept moving and can handle it verygood. These sort of teenagers can develop qualities that will help them in their lives, such as independence , resilience and high self-esteem, they have noproblems in making new friends, since they feel the need to be social; they left their friends behind and need to make themselves a new group, this makes them bemore outgoing and extroverted. Having this attitude may make a great difference between being on the edge of darkness or see the brighter side of things.
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