How much salt does it takes to float an egg

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Walter Bracken Science Fair Approval Form
Name: Abraham Teacher: Mrs. Wilkinson

Step #1: Choose a topic. How did you come up with your topic? Did you first observe your daily surrounding andask question? Go to books? The Internet? A museum? A science center for ideas? List specific book titles and/or Internet sites that you used to help you decide on your topic.
Possible Title: How much Salt does it take to float an egg?
Step#2: Write your big question. Make sure this is a question you can answerby yourself.
I want to know how much salt I need to make an egg float?

Step #3: General plan: How will you test your big question?
I will first put water on a cup an on the cup I am going to putsalt so then I am going to mix it then put the egg so the I put to the next cup water and salt then on third one I put water and salt and I put the egg on the cup and see what happened.

Studentsignature: Abraham
Parent signature: Pilar Romero
Teacher signature: RW

Planning your Experiment - Part 2
Research: What did you find that is already known about your topic?
What sources didyou use?
Why those an egg float in salt water. Because I density of the egg is higher than that the density of tap water , so it sink density (a) as shown below in Equation 1, is the mass (m) ofa material per unit volume (v) , for example , the density of fresh water under standard conditions is approximately I gram ( g) per cubic centimeter (m3) .In other words, if you filled a 1-cm x1-cm x 1-cm box with freshwater , the water inside the box would have a mass of lighting salt to the water increases the density of the water increases the mass without changing the volume very...
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