How the music influence in your brain waves

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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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The effects of music on behavior have been evident since the beginning of mankind. Throughout history, human life has been complemented and influencedby music, which have been attributed to a number of functions. Music is a stimulus that enhances sensory processing, cognitive (such as thinking, language, learning and memory) and engines, as well asencouraging creativity and willingness to change.

In recent years, music has become an important therapeutic role in a variety of diseases.
Since different types of music can inducedifferent moods, which can affect psychomotor and cognitive tasks. One of the important variables involved in these effects relates to the kind of music heard. In this respect, mainly two types: 

1) The stimulant, whichincreases the body's energy, leads to action and stimulates the emotions.

2) The sedative, which is sustained melodic nature and is characterized by a regular rhythm, a predictabledynamics, harmonic and tonal harmony, vocal and instrumental recognizable, with calming effects.

A piece of music is perceived as more pleasant when it produces an average level of psychologicaland physiological activation in the listener, while when that causes very little, is experienced as boring, and excessive activation produces displeasure.Also depends on its complexity and familiarity of the listener.
When is complex, with many changes and lots of information, it is difficult to follow and understand,so it is not so pleasant. 
Similarly, a preferred music is known in connection with an unknown. 
Sometimes you may not know the piece of music as such, but its musical structure, because it has hadcontact with other parts with a similar structure.

Therefore, the perception, interpretation and musical preference depend on the one hand, these features of the stimulus (tone,...
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