How the world would be without the global economical system?

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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2012
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Nowadays, the world is living a stage where globalization is unstoppable. Almost all nations around the world require to import or export a variety of products in order to satisfy people’s needs.Furthermore, globalization allows to increase culture relationships and it allows the sustainable growth in world’s economy. All these have been achieved because of the reduction of barriers, frompolitical barriers to cultural barriers. These barriers are suppressed because of a global economical system, which is the alliance between several economic system that generate an economic structure. Aneconomic structure is mainly formed by goods, such as gold, natural resources, etc. and money. Thanks to this economical system the imports and exports of goods and services is possibly, because thereis a common exchange system that can be equivalent with every nation in the world which is the currency. With the exception of the European Union, each country has its own currency that is estimatedaccording to the goods and money that a country owns.
So, if there would not be a global economical system, it would be a very different world than the one we live. First of all, cultures would beextremely established, there would not be a foreign influence.

Globalization would just be a myth, and all economies would be very individualistic, and maybe somehow, currency would not benecessary, instead a trading system would work in each country. There would not be imports and exports between countries, and that would provoke a different level of development in each country. Somecountries could be very developed, such as Asian countries, and others could be very underdeveloped, such as African countries, because of the lack of resources and intellectual capital.

Tourism wouldnot be able because there will not be international relationships, because they would not be needed. Countries with a little bit of resources would not be able to satisfy people’s needs. There would...
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