How to add section profile tables

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From : Sent: Group(s): Subject: "csm " 23 Apr 2008 06:43:29 Re: How to add Section Profile Tables

Hi Alain, Try the following method I used for custom british sections database installation and set up. I have attached the custom database file. Withthis it is possible to designate members as per my client requirement in STAAD input/output. The extension of the attached file has been changed to .doc for sending it through email. It needs to bechanged to .mdb before using. The file has to be stored in SPRO2005/STAAD/SECTIOS folder and then it has to be installed using FILE menu (when no model is open), CONFIGURE command, SECTION PROFILE TABLEsubmenu, INSTALL CUSTOM TABLE button, CATEGORY British. After installation is done the file has to be set as default database in the SECTION PROFILE TABLE submenu by clicking on the database nameagainst the Rolled Steel Tables - British and selecting the D374BritishSections from the LIST BOX. After selecting the database name the new default has to be confirmed using the apply button at bottom inthe CONFIGURE PROGRAM window and then press ACCEPT button to complete the configuration Rgds, -CSM "Alain" wrote: > >Hi: >I want to use mexican cold formed steel. >I have my database created insection wizard of some mexican >sections of > >channel with lips alone and front to front. >The problem is that staad 2007 can't design that sections >per aisi, >because according to staad, that sectionsarent cold formed. >So in the folder of sections i copied the lysaght file >and changed their > >name to "mexiancoldformedsections" in order to have a >file that i can >manipulate in the "modifysection Database" aplication >in staad tools >menu. >I changed the "custom" file in the SPRO2007/STAAD/Sections, >and >the "sectiondbmanager" file in SPRO2007/STAAD, in order >to add the >specific lines...