How to avoid pregnancy and drugs during adolescence?

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How to avoid pregnancy and drugs during adolescence?
As parents, we strive to make our children a better future, a good education, work and of course, happiness. In this country, that future is affected by an alarming rate of teenage pregnancies. It's a touchy subject, but whom better than us, his first teacher, to guide them in this important time in their lives? They themselves say they wanttheir parents to talk about this topic.
Try to leave behind the outmoded ideas that prevent us from communicating honestly with our children, talk to them - children - openly about love, relationships and sexuality.
If you believe that it is not easy to speak, is not alone, there are many parents in her situation. If your teen is the "know", do not despair. What happens is that he / she makes itso difficult to play this theme as you. The reality is that their children want you to be the person who speaks. After all, parents are the first teachers of their children and therefore, the children rely on parents.
Let's start talking about sexuality from an early age and often.
Since childhood, the child is curious about his physique. If you start to explain step by step the changes thatoccur in your body when it comes time to go into details will be less uncomfortable for both. You can also take the opportunity to talk about their feelings, because the child is also developing the emotional and social aspect: he / she is knowing yourself and learning to behave in the world around him. Do not wait until your child is large for a single conversation. Think that life is a school andyou as a parent are the best teacher.
Monitor the activities of the children still understand that they are no longer children but young adults who need some independence.
At this age their children are being children become adults. There will be times that they behave like children, sleeping with a favorite doll or collecting sports cards, and there will be others who rebel when you start tolimit their output and hours. Realize that this is the stage most sociable of the boys and make a point to know their friends (remember, they have great influence.) If you treat your child in a fair and calm, can he / she understands that her only interest is to protect you.
Parents are entitled to know who to leave our children.
When a child enters adolescence, it is up to parents to monitor theirsocial life. To do this we have to put certain measures. Young teenagers we advise you to go out with friends in a group. And when the time comes to dating, then we still recommend that you try to do with kids (as) the same age. We can explain, for example, that girls who date much older youth are exposed to increased pressure and risk dangerous situations, such as unwanted sexual contact.
It isgood that we are aware of what our children see, read and listen.
On television, magazines and radio messages abound that can confuse and harm to young people. Stay current with the information you receive your child and take the opportunity to clarify those messages. Sometimes a simple comment can be used to start a conversation important and productive.
Help teens to set goals and exploreoptions for the future.
Ask your children what their interests are, what they want to be, what they want to achieve. Help them understand the consequences they may have the positive - or negative - on their future. Explain that - especially in this country - an education or trade and some financial independence are important if they want to achieve their goals. Also explain how an early pregnancycould have negative effects because they would be responsible for meeting and provide for the baby. If you help your children understand the consequences of their actions, the more likely they make good decisions now.
Consider that a parent's work never ends.
No matter what your age, in one way or another, children will always need their parents. Cultivate a good relationship with them, treating...
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