How to avoid proscranation to improce academic performance

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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2012
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How to avoid procrastination to improve your academic performance
Daniel Kuilan
Ana G. Mendez University

How to avoid procrastination to improve your academic performance
In this studywe are going to find the way how can prevent or control the symptoms of Procrastination using some of the tips that we going to read below and above all putting on our part. Look at the deadline ofany new assignment you get and write it on your calendar. For assignments with no deadline a frequent phenomenon, impose a deadline yourself. Imagine how the world will look on that date, to make itreal to you: What will the weather be like? What else will have changed? Don't allow those changes to pass without finishing the assignment. Calculate roughly how many hours the assignment willtake. (An eHow Contributor).
Decide, before bedding down each night, how much time you're going to spend the next day on the assignment. Remind yourself, upon waking up, of this amount of time. Tellyourself that you won't allow yourself any leisure activities that day until you've put in the promised amount of time. Reward yourself, when done for the day, in whatever way you see fit. This rewardis key having a positive incentive can make all the difference. Don't be afraid to call your student services office. There are well trained people out there who can help you. (An eHow Contributor).According to psychologist, procrastination is categorized in three sections which are excitement, evasion and indecisive kinds of people. Realize that all this categories can easily hinder yourpersonal growth. The excitement types of people are the ones who claim they need some adventure to pursue a certain course. These are the kind of people that need some adrenaline rush to carry out a projectand if there is no thrill they easily give up. They wait until the last minute to start running all over the place to attend to their tasks. (Stephen Kavita.January 05, 2010)
As for the evasive...
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