How to be an alien

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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2011
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Autor: George mikes
Title: How to be an alien
Editorial: Pearson Longman
Collection: Penguins Readers
Number of pages: 46

Genere: comedy
Numbers of chapters: 10
Plot summary:
The maintheme of the book is the continuous comparison and criticism of the habits of society with the British. Talk a little bit of everything i do it in a funny way i entertaining. Talk about issues likelanguage, commitment, sex, hypocrisy ... For each topic makes fun Constructive criticism when it's such a conversation about the weather and bad weather, the good says:

Lovely day, isn´t it? Isn´t itbeautiful? The sun… Isn´t gorgeus? Wonderful isn´t it? It´s so nice and hot…Personally, I think it´s so nice when it´s hot- isn´t it? I adore it- don´t you?

The book is all the time so makingcriticism of this style. In general could say that is a book that criticizes the hpocrisy and society.

Main characters and secundary characters:
No specific characters.He speaks about english and spanishpersons in general.

Narrating: Is one person what tell the habits or others problems in brithis society.
Weather analysis : It is a linear time.
The facts pass in the XX century, The story tookplace in more times . Is in pressent
This book was written in the year 1946.

Personal opinión
In my opinion the book has been very nice, story is very interesanting because the plot talk aboutcomparations and problems to the conuntries the form fanny.
This book I recommend it to the childrens of my age who want to pass a while entertained, learning more on the English.
An aspect that Ihave liked much has been like the autor has describe the society from another point of view
Mad: My friend is mad because he had a difficult life
Believe: I don´t believe in god.
stood:Her stood is broken
Before: Before eating, wash your hands
Trying: Youre not trying
Poured: I poured the rest of the milk down the sink
Hurt: My leg hurt very much.
Clever: My dog is clever....
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