How to be a good assintant

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How to be a good Assistant

1 Image is very important in this figure, as usually you are representing one of the Executives of the company. Typically in this role you will wear suits but if insome cases it is a business casual environment make sure to always have your clothes in good taste and ironed.
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Communication is also key, you need to know how to express yourself to your boss andpeople that you are talking to as well as have an immediate understanding of the needs of your executives.
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Know how to keep calm, in a lot of cases your bosses will get frustrated for one thingor another and it is good to keep calm and know how to handle the situation, one of you has to think straight, and your boss will appreciate it, as you will become their rock.
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Having goodphone etiquette and courtesy is always a plus; you never know who is on the other side of the phone and always answer professionally and with a smile, as you can "hear" it on the other side.
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TimeManagement, organizational skills and know how to prioritize are also essential in the job, as you will probably not have a lot of blank spots in your daily schedule. And therefore it is a good idea tokeep your desk neat and orderly so you do not waste time looking for important papers.
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Have more than one skill, typically having a good knowledge of computer skills such as Microsoft Officewill be required but extras are always good, if you know more software like a travel one or a bookkeeping one will only come to your advantage. Also a lot of times it is required to know anotherlanguage since bigger companies have offices all over the world. In fact, most likely that you will have to plan travel arrangements for your supervisor, so knowledge about the industry, airfares, hotelsand taxis are always a plus.
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Confidentiality is also an important part of the job, as you will come across a great deal of different information about the company, its finances and even...
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