How to become a killer writer

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Today I’m going to teach you the fundamental ways on “How to Write with Passion”.
It is thought that passion is something that burns the heart of a writer to arrive at
interesting crafts.
Anotherthing is that you need to be motivated and inspired every time you write. In
order to do this, it is a must for you to follow these steps:
1. Wander around. Meditate for quite some time. Carry out asheet of paper and a
pen, after a while record every thoughts that came rushing from your mind.
2. Browse books, references or even surf the net. While reading from these multiple
references, youneed to:
● Take notes and react with yourself as you read. You’re certainly
communicating with the author.
● Ponder on the things of what authors or certain reading said.
3. Rest in a place withgood vibes. Vibes can either be of noise or silence; it depends
upon where your motivations are rooting from.
4. Listen to a variety of music. Music intensifies the soul of a writer. Through music,overflowing ideas burst. Feel the tune; be captivated with its melodious rhythm.
Always remember to grab a sheet of paper and a pen, and then write spontaneously
everything that came out from yourmind.
5. You can also watch a movie to stimulate your emotions. After watching a movie,
write your analysis in a sheet of paper.
6. Sometimes, emotions play a role in writing a great piece. Writeabout what you
feel, what you’re suffering from and express your emotion through writing.
7. Now, you can start writing freely for an extended period of time. Sit for a while,
relax and start puttingthose ideas into words. Free writing stage can help you
generate ideas for deciding a subject to write about and expanding your content too.
I hope that you guys got all the tips right and takehold of those in writing for an
excellent piece. Tomorrow we’ll cover something about “how to target your readers”
which is very important in writing a good content and choosing a topic. Stay tuned...
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