How to celebrate a wedding

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A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple’s life because it’s the start of a new period in which they make a compromise with each other for ever. Eventhough celebrating a wedding ceremony is not an easy task and it generates certain anxiety, The manner in which we celebrate our wedding has a lot of meaning because it is the happiest day of our life,were we need to have everything prepared, without forgetting important details and organization before and during the celebration in order to have everything perfect.
First of all, the selection ofthe date and hour of the ceremony has to be established because the preparation of a wedding requires time. Afterwards the couple has to decide the place were the celebration will be held, this couldbe at an open area, in specialized salons, restaurants or even at home.
In addition the listing of the people that will be invited should be prepared with time because depending on the budget andthe magnitude of the wedding that is being planned the number of people being invited could vary. There could be a small celebration for family and close friends or a great celebration with many peoplebeing invited. Another important detail is the invitations, which have to be given two months with anticipation so that people can confirm there assistance.
Afterwards the bride takes care of one ofthe most important details of the wedding day, the dress, since everyone will have their eyes on her. The bride can choose a simple dress or one that is more elegant depending on taste and economicstatus. While for the groom the most important detail is the marriage rings, which are the matrimony symbol, they should be simple but elegant.
During the celebration, everything has to be organized;it all starts with the religious or civil celebration, which depends on the family’s culture and religious customs. Then the celebration continues with the feast were the grooms usually talks and...
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