How to make friends at the new school

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Make sure you are kind to whoever you meet at the new school. Make sure to be nice to everyone of all cultures and backgrounds. If you think thatyou will say something that will make them feel sad do not say anything and just nod your head if they talk to you. 2
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Take a deep breath. Youshouldn't be nervous, you're going to a new school, not to torture. Remember that in your new school you will find kids your age. You're going to meet people who like you there. Don't judge othersbefore you get to know them.
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Be yourself. Never change who you are to try and fit in. If your friends don't accept you for you, they're notreally friends. Most people belong with a certain clique simply because they are being themselves and their unique personalities and interests falls into that stereotype. For example, someone who isnaturally athletic may become a jock in high school or someone who naturally artistic or emotional may become part of the emo crowd. Many people can tell you are a fake. Don't try to hard. 4
Be hygienic. No one likes a whiff of B.O. or bad breath that could knock someone over. Shower daily, wear deodorant, brush your teeth, and wash your hair. Designer clothes aren't everything, but look neat. It can make you seem cleaner and more approachable. Also, mints are a great way to keep your breath fresh throughout the day.
Be inviting. A smile goes a long way. When you walk in the halls, don't hunch over your books or keep your eyes on the floor. Stick your chin up and make eyecontact with other people. If you see someone you know, give a smile or say hi. Introduce yourself. Tell them your name and where you're from. Ask a question: "How's the cafeteria food around here?"...
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