How to portect your job in a recession

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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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This reading talks about the problems and situations that are prone in this time when economies aren´t stable and companies are at constant risk, the mainvictims are the workers, who may lose their job by the downsizing and hiring freezes. While you know that passivity is a mistake, it´s hard to be proactive when your boss´s door is always closed, newprojects are put on hold, and you direct report look to you for reassurance.
We as employees should take a certain attitude, because even though layoff decisions may be beyond your control, there´splenty you can do. We´ve seen that while luck plays an important role, survival is most often the result of staring reality in the face and making concrete plans to shape the future. The best strategicplanning in this case is holding on to your job when the economy softens. Here´s what you can do to keep your career moving and minimize the chances that you´ll become a casualty.
One advice on gettingahead is “if you want to be a partner, start acting like one” (McKinsey & Company). During a recession, you have to start acting like a survivor if you hope to escape the ax. The best thing thatyou can do is lighten up, act confident and cheerful, shows that while everyone prefers working with a personable superstar, when people needs help getting a job done, they´ll choose a congenialcolleague, putting on a good face. If you stay positive, you´ll have more influence on how things play out.
Always the chief chose a person who continued to manage a human resources team, therebyeliminating the need for additional head count. Being ambidextrous will increase your chances of survival as well. In one company we know of, senior staff members were often expected to play more than onerole to keep expenses in check.
Something positive from the recession is the offer you plenty of opportunities to display your capabilities, you could try to help the leader defend your department,...
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