How to save the environment

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How to Help Save the Environment

Nowadays, people are not aware about our environment is in trouble. People and industries are polluting the air, rivers,lakes, and seas. If we do not do something about it the environment will gradually get worse over time. Can we do something to help it? In fact, there are manyways to help and not pollute the environment.
First of all, save energy at home, switch off anything that uses electricity. It means unplug unused appliancesand completely turn off equipment such as TV´s and stereos even if on stand –by mode. And also turn off the lights in the rooms you are not using and right afteryou leave a room or an office. There is another way to save energy, instead of using those electric bulbs that spend a lot of electricity, so you can change itfor others that do not consume much energy (fluorescent light bulbs)
Second, another way to help the environment is saving water. Turn off the water when youare not using it. While brushing your teeth, taking a shower, washing your clothes in cold water when you can, shampooing the dog or washing your car until youactually need it for rinsing and also you will reduce your water bill and help to conserve a vital resource.
Third, the best way to help our environment isrecycling, doing this things you can reduce the pollution only separating the trush from the organic or inorganic, there are a lot of things that you can recyclesuch as glass, paper, bottles, and plastic bags.
Finally, you have to take into account everything to save the environment because is the world where we live
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