How to survive an zombie apocalypse

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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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Cause and effect of global warming

Getting on to a trending topic nowadays, global warming has become one of the most comun issues that government has.
Whatis the global warming? Well, this natural world wide illness, is a natural disorder on the global temperature caused by a lot of humanity stuff, like the excess ofCO2 or the deforestation and the people careless.
This started on the 70’s with the invention of the hairspray and microwaves, since those days the concept ofthe global warming was too futurist. Now the global warming has already stared causing several natural disasters like the melting of both poles increasing the heatof the planet up to 5 degrees more, believe it or not, with this warming the tectonic plates have had a lot of activity.
The world have had 3 of the mostdestructive earthquakes and 2 tsunamis, moving the center of the planet of place, causing the changing of the weather in the whole world, referring of, warm days onCanada, North US, and Russia, snow on Madrid, Lisbon and near Rome, the city of Mexicali didn’t approach his characteristic dry and heating weather this last 2 years,the hurricanes have been stronger than before, etc.
Also global warming have caused a lot of new diseases and have made lots of illness stronger and bulletproof toantibiotics, but now in this last 5 years, we have had lots of campaigns displayed trying to make some conscience on the people so we can try to fix what we havebeen screwing up, maybe it’s too late.
Humanity should prepare itself to this change, to survive, as always humanity does, the masters of the adaptation.
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