How to write resolutions

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Please be aware that no pre-written resolutions are allowed in the simulation. Furthermore, delegates may only work on resolutions and/or working papers during MUNSA sessions. Failure toobserve these rules will result in disqualification for any and all awards, including the Best Delegate award.

Resolutions are the primary tools of discussion in the United Nations. They form thebasis for all United Nations debate, bringing one or several issues to the floor in a form that representatives can discuss, amend, and reject or ratify, as circumstances dictate.

At MUNSA, thoughthere may be multiple working papers on the floor at any one time, delegates must come to one final resolution.

Resolutions usually state a policy that the United Nations will undertake, but theymay also be in the form of treaties, conventions, or declarations in some bodies. They range from very general to very specific in content. Depending on the body involved, they may call for or suggesta course of action, condemn an action, or require action or sanctions on the part of the Member States. It should be noted that no body other than the Security Council might require action orsanctions from Member States. In some cases, final conventions and treaties may also require action, but this would only be on the part of the signatory nations.

A resolution is divided into two parts:the perambulatory clauses and the operative clauses.

Perambulatory clauses
These clauses introduce the resolution by explaining the purpose of writing it. They state a concise history of theproblem, reasons for action, and/or precedents for the proposed solution, often citing the United Nations Charter, past United Nations actions or resolutions, and international treaties.

Operative clausesThese clauses state what position or action Member States are called upon to endorse. The operative clauses may outline a series of steps to solve a problem or may simply be a definition,...
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