How zebras got their stripes?

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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2012
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How Zebras Got Their Stripes?

Once upon a time in Africa , zebras were either all black or all white. A young black zebra named Mara wasbest friends with a young white zebra named Lana. The two zebras did everything together. For Grandfather Badu's birthday party, they decided to do a dance for him -together.

The zebras practicedtheir dance in secret. About a week before the party, Lana suddenly had a thought.

"We need costumes!" she cried. "We can't go as ourselves."

The zebras tried on leaf necklaces and flower crowns,but nothing looked right. They flopped under a shady tree. The bright sun shone through the leaves. Stripes of sun and shade streaked both zebras' bodies.

"You have dark stripes of shade on you,"said Mara.

"You have light stripes of sun on you," replied Lana.

They stared at each other. Mara said, "If we get some white and black paint, we can become the perfect pair!"

Finally, it wasthe day of the birthday party. It was Mara and Lana's turn to give a gift. All at once, there was music. Two figures leaped out from a patch of tall grass. Both had black-and-white stripes. Which onewas Mara? Which on was Lana? No one could tell. The zebras danced beautifully, but all anyone could talk about afterward was the stripes.

Suddenly, zebras began painting stripes on each other. Fromthat day to this, all zebras have had stripes.

Traducción al español

¿Por qué tienen rayas las cebras?

Hace mucho tiempo, las cebras de África eran blancas o negras. Una cebra negra que sellamaba Mara era la mejor amiga de una joven cebra que se llamaba Lana. Las dos cebras estaban todo el día juntas. Para la fiesta de cumpleaños del abuelo Badu, decidieron danzar juntas para él.

Lascebras practicaron su danza en secreto. Cuando faltaba casi una semana para la fiesta, Lana tuvo de repente una idea.

"¡Necesitamos disfraces!", gritó. "No podemos ir así".

Las cebras se...
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