Howard gardner

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  • Publicado : 13 de julio de 2010
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Howard Gardner was born in Pennsylvania in 1943. Howard Gardner was a psychologist graduated from
Harvard University. He is well known for his Theory of Multiple Intelligence.This theory wasdeveloped
in1983, in which Howard explains that a human has eight different Intelligences, for some logical reason the
intelligence cannot be measured, the Intelligence it’s a capacity toorganize our thoughts with the actions.
These intelligences work together but each person develops one more than the rest. Here are the eight
types: Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical,Bodily and Kinesthetic, Spatial, musical, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal,
and Natural Intelligence. I consider that I fit on all eight types of intelligence; because I’m a person that
learns bywords which involves the linguistic part, I’m very logical, always thinking, so the mathematical part
developed this ability on me. Now, I do a lot of dancing, works on wood and some more whichhave been
developed by the bodily and kinesthetic intelligence. What I do best is painting, because I’m constantly
thinking on images, so this refers to the spatial intelligence, also Iidentify whit facility the sounds, also
developed by the musical intelligence. A really important parts of the intelligences are those referred to the
personality, I understand what thepeople are filling and help them so the intrapersonal intelligence fits on
me perfect, I know my-self, my own feelings and thoughts, and according to Gardner this is the interpersonalintelligence. Finally I have been create a good relation between the nature and me, developed by the nature
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