Hp printers codigos de error

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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2011
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02 – WARMING UP MODE HP 2, 3, 2D, 3D • • • • • I/O Cable is bad or hooked up incorrectly Communication problem between computer and printer Bad DC Controller Bad Fuser Assembly Bad DC Power Supply

12 – OPEN OR NO EP (continued) HP 2P, 2P+, 3P, 4P • • • • • • • Printer door openDC power supply malfunction Replace DC power supply External Fuser Door Open Defective Fan Sensor switch for the door is dirty or needs to replace Bad high voltage power supply

13 – PAPER JAM (continued) HP 4, 4+, 5 • 500 sheet lower cassette not properly adjusted • Check transfer roller to ensure it is seated properly • Bad input sensor, fuser exit sensor or bad paper end sensor • Defectiveoutput rollers • Paper stuck in paper path / output unit HP 4V, 4MV • • • • Toner cartridge gears worn or damaged Paper path gears worn or damaged Defective DC controller PCA Defective registration guide

13 – PAPER JAM (continued) HP 1100, 3200 Fax, HP PRINTER 2100, 2200 • • • • • • • • • Paper jam - make sure paper is loaded properly Make sure the paper length is adjusted (2200 series) Checkrear door, open and close top cover Check duplexer Paper jam internally / under the toner cartridge Worn pick up and separation pad Bad fuser assembly Change maintenance kit Paper tray overloaded

HP 3Si, 4Si • Defective display cable or formatter PCA • Bad Fuser Assembly • Bad DC Controller HP 4V, 5Si • I/O cable is hooked up incorrectly or bad interface in computer • Defective parts such as:fuser, PCA board, DC controller • Bad Fuser Assembly

HP 4P, 5P • • • • • Top cover open No toner cartridge Bad toner cartridge Defective interlock switch assembly Bad DC controller

HP 1000, 1200, 1220mfp, 3300, 3300mfp • • • • • • • Check for paper loaded in paper tray properly Worn pick up roller and separation pad Feed roller shaft is bent or warped Paper stuck in paper path Bad fuserassembly Bad shutter on toner cartridge, change toner cartridge Front door not properly shut

HP 5000, 5100 • • • • • • • • Check paper loaded in paper tray properly Check the paper length adjuster Look at the transfer roller assembly for proper adjustment Check the paper path in printer and duplexer paper (if installed) Replace or reseat fuser Check for bad toner cartridge Check that all assembliesare seated and all doors are closed Change maintenance kit

HP 4L • • • • • Part of the top door that pushes the plunger down is Broken Top door switch is broken No toner cartridge Bad toner cartridge Bad DC controller

11 – PAPER OUT ALL • • • • 4L • • • • • • Paper cassette is empty or missing Paper cassette is not seated correctly Paper out flag PS2 is broken or stuck Defective DC controllerPCA Tray 1 is empty Tray 2 is empty Paper or paper tray empty or not seated correctly Paper Tray Sensor arm stuck or broken Defective tray size sensing or configuration Defective paper control or sensor PCA

HP2300 • • • • Check paper Path / Check paper trays Check the length adjustment on the paper trays Check Duplexer If message persists after all jams have been cleared, a sensor might bestuck or broken • If jamming persists, change feed rollers and separation pad • Bad fuser assembly HP 4000, 4050, 4100, 4100mfp • • • • • • Ensure paper is loaded in paper tray property Check feed and separation rollers for unusual wear Check paper length adjustment in paper tray Bad fuser assembly Check paper path in duplexer Check small belt media roller to ensure that the roller and belt arefeeding the media properly • Check that transfer roller is seated properly • Change maintenance kit HP 4200, 4300 • • • • • • • • Check for paper loaded in paper tray properly Check the length adjustment on the paper trays Check duplexer paper path Defective printer cartridge, shutter door not opening all the way Feed and separation roller worn or may have popped off Jams in stapler / stacker, remove...
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