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Lazy: adj. unwilling to work; sluggish lazily.

Synonyms: slothful, supine, idle, inactive, sluggish, inert, indolent, torpid.

Antonyms: alert, ambitious, forceful, diligent, active, assiduous.

Lead: v. to go ahead so as to show the way; to control the affairs or action of lead poisoning.

Synonyms: regulate, conduct, guide, escort, direct, supervise, command, comefirst, steer, control.

Antonym: follow.

Leader: head, principal, director; the first.

Synonyms: master, ruler, captain, chief commander, principal, director, head chieftain.

Antonyms: follower, servant, disciple, subordinate, attendant.

League: n. an association of persons, organizations, or states for common action or interest.

Synonyms: entente, partnership,association confederacy, coalition, society, alliance, federation, union.

Antonyms: separation, schism.

Lean: v. to rest or incline the weight of the body for support.

Synonyms: Synonyms: rely, tilt, slim, slender, slope, incline, tend, trust, bend, tendency, slant, depend, spare, scant, lanky, thin, meager, inclination, narrow, sag.

Antonyms: rise, heavy, fat, erect,straighten, portly, raise.

Learned: the process of have acquired knowledge.

Synonyms: erudite, knowing enlightened, deep, wise, discerning, scholarly, intelligent, educated, sagacious.

Antonyms: simple, uneducated, ignorant, illiterate, unlettered, foolish.

Least: less, minimum, not least, that is the least of it.

Synonyms: minutest, smallest, tiniest, trivial, minimum,fewest, slightest.

Antonym: most.

Lecture: n. a speech on a specific subject.

Synonyms: talk, discussion, lesson, instruct, speech, conference, sermon, report, recitation, address, oration, discourse.

Antonyms: writing, meditation, correspondence.

Legal: adj. of, pertaining to, or concern with the law or lawyers.

Synonyms: legitimate, rightful, honest, allowable,allowed, permissible, lawful, permitted, authorized.

Antonyms: illicit, illegal, prohibited, illegitimate.

Legend: n. an unverifiable story handed down from the past.

Synonyms: saga, fable, allegory, myth, parable, tale, story, folklore, fiction, chronicle.

Antonyms: history, facts.

Legible: adj. capable of being read.

Synonyms: plain, readable, clear, distinct.Antonym: illegible.

Leisure: free time, at leisure.

Synonyms: respite, intermission, ease, relaxation, rest, calm, tranquility, recreation, peace, pause.

Antonyms: motion, commotion, tumult, agitation, disturbance.

Lengthen: to extend.

Synonyms: stretch, prolong, draw, reach, increase, grow, protract, extend.

Antonyms: shrink, contract, shorten.Leniency: adj. indulgent.

Synonyms: grace, pity, compassion, mildness, charity, mercy, clemency.

Antonyms: vengeance, punishment, cruelty.

Less: suffix. without; lacking

Synonyms: fewer, smaller, reduced, negative, stinted.

Antonym: more.

Let: i.v. to permit, suppose, let along.

Synonyms: admit, hire out, contract, allow, leave, grant, rent.


Lethargy: n., a state of excessive drowsiness or abnormally deep sleep; laziness.

Synonyms: numbness, stupor, daze, insensibility, torpor.

Antonyms: wakefulness, liveliness, activity, readiness.

Level: n., a relative position, rank or height on a scale. V., to make or become flat or level.

Synonyms: smooth, even, plane, equivalent, uniform, horizontal, equal,flatten, equalize, raze, demolish, flat.

Antonyms: uneven, sloping, hilly, broken.

Levy: v., to impose and collect by authority or force, as a fine or tax.

Synonyms: tax, duty, tribute, rate, assessment, exaction, charge, custom.

Antonyms: wages, remuneration, gift.

Liable: adj., legally or rightly responsible.

Synonyms: answerable, responsible, likely, exposed...
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