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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2010
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Manuel Fernando Urbano Mendoza
Professor Garcia
Literature in English
March 12, 2009
An Evil Being

According to the fraud Sigmund´ theory a person reflects his behaviour through his actions.These actions are determined consciously or unconsciously by the person in the development of some activities of his life as a human being. Sometimes, people see their actions as an act ofconsciousness, but they are an unconscious act; or acting in a contrary manner. But, in some times they behave consciously for good or bad actions. In the book “Scarlet Letter", all characters, in the story, hasdifferent attitudes and personalities that are displayed in the book. For example, some people are good and others are bad. Their behaviour is influenced by their own interests. They struggle toachieve what they want through their behaviour. A character who acts in a good way is Hester Prynne. She shows a strong and loving behaviour. This is based on the time that she lives within the story.Although, she displays a shameful behaviour in parts of the story, she always tries to be a wise and intelligent woman. But not all the characters in the stories are good; there are some characters whoonly seek to harm others because they want to. This book has a character that shows a very particular and demonic behaviour.

The character that is quite different and plays an important role instory is Roger Chillingworth. This person develops a very deceptive and manipulative role in story. His behaviour is based on a conscious state. Although, he is a very old man, this does not mean hecannot hurt others. Instead, his age and experience allows him to think well than people who are around him. In the story, he develops a kind of revenge against the protagonist of the story. Hisbehaviour is conscious because in the story he plans some evil acts against some characters who think he is helping. For example, a personality that he used was the doctor attitude. He could adopt this...
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