Hstory wwii

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a) Maginot line: a defense system which consisted on a series of huge fortresses built by the Frenchs on the Franco-German border.
b) Battle of Britain: a series of air battles in which wavesof German bombers escorted by fighter aircraft would attack targets in Britain.
c) Blitz: the intensively bombardment of British cities by the Luftwaffe, the German air force.

2) a) WinstonChurchill: Was the prime minister of Britain. He replaced Chamberlain. He was a great defender of the British population interests. He said that he will not negotiate nothing with Germany, he will fightuntil the end.
b) Charles de Gaulle: French. Leader of the free French movement (French leaders who escaped to Britain)
c) Marshal Pétain: He ruled the southeast of France before. This part of Francehad a self government and had Vichy as a capital. Also, Pétain had relations with the Nazis.
d)Herman Goering: Was the Luftwaffe leader. He was not good for the tactics and also he doesn’tunderstand quite well how the modern air force worked.
3) The Allies were surrounded by the German Military Force at Dunkirk. Hitler ordered to stop the advance and so Britain was able to evacuate itstroops and this movement saved 330,000 soldiers. This created the “Dunkirk Spirit” and so all the country supported the Army during the war. Even though it was a military defeat, for the British people wasseen as a moral victory.
5) Tension between USA and Japan was growing because Roosevelt knew that Japan had designs on the territories of the Far East. Both Japan and US seemed to be worried abouttheir interests on China and the Pacific, so, when Japan took control of French Indo-China, Roosevelt in response, froze Japanese assets and cut supplies of iron. Japan leaders, with this, get moreconvinced that an Asian empire was needed, but Japan was clearly less powerful than the USA so it could not challenge its power. A plan was devised by Japanese admiral Yamamoto to knock out the USA’s...
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