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to·ken || 'təʊkənseñal, indicio, muestra, ficha; recuerdo
to·ken || 'təʊkənsimbólico

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A token is an object of value, and may refer to:

• Token coin, a piece of metal or other composition used as a substitute for currency;includes subway tokens

• Casino token
• Other items that are part of exonumia
• Tokenism, the inclusion of a single person (or very few people) of a group so an
organization can publicly claimto be inclusive

Knight's token, carried by a medieval knight
Wedding token, wedding paraphernalia also known as an arrhae or wedding coin
Game piece or counter used in a gameBook token, a (branded) voucher or gift card redeemable for books
Token (railway signalling), a physical object given to a locomotive driver to authorize him
to use a particular stretch of singlerailway track



• Token Black, the only African American child in the South Parktelevision series
• The Tokens, vocal music group

There are two classes ofmeaning of 'token' in computing:

An object which represents the (often exclusive) right to perform some operation:
• Token (Petri Net), an object used in Petri net theory
• Session token, aunique identifier which is generated and sent from a server to a
software client to identify an interaction session and which the client usually stores
as an HTTP cookie
• Security token (also knownas a hardware token, authentication token or
cryptographic token), a physical device that an authorized user of computer
services is given to aid in authentication
• Access token, a system objectrepresenting the subject of access control operations

• Token ring, a local area network technology in which a virtual object known as a

token is passed between devices on the network,...
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